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NO PENS ..... NO PAPER ..... NO CHEATING ..... It's the Strictly Disco Smartphone Quiz


If you are a regular at a quiz night or hold one you will be only too aware of the amount of cheating that goes on, either blatantly or quietly on the sly. This without doubt is the biggest downside to quizzes at the moment, as phones have got cleverer and quicker the amount of people using them to cheat has increased ten fold. Frustrating both quizmasters and honest straight playing quiz teams up and down the land.  


We can now provide the very latest SmartPhone Quiz night for your venue. We can construct rounds for special occasions or corporate events or out standard general knowledge quiz nights. These can have a twist in them too to ensure losing teams don't go home early, but contiune to stay and purchase beverages as they can still win in the last round!


Call or email us and we'll be happy to talk you through or even come and show you how it all works and why it's fast becoming the best way to do a pub quiz


Book your Quiz Party Smartphone event now!  Phone Quiz Nights arel high tech and interactive and a totally new innovation in pub quizzes, our  Smartphone Quiz. Now this as it suggests is a quiz that in part is done on a Smartphone, well several or or a lot more Smartphone's depending on how many teams you have each week. Every team wishing to take part in our quizzes needs to have access to either an Android or iPhone. If you don't have an Android or iPhone but do have a Android tablet, such as a Galaxy Tab, iPad, iPad Mini or iPod Touch, you can use them just as well.


Find out more and availability for your venue by callng us or dropping us an email today and be possibly the first in your area to offer this new and exciting pub quiz experience